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shangoo: The point of convergence between urban culture, fashion and the retail experience

shangoo: The point of convergence between urban culture, fashion and the retail experience
Throughout history nature has taught us that distinct but related entities have a tendency to evolve toward a common point as they adapt to a changing environment. The resulting entity is never of the same form or function and its features are often different from either of its parent entities. This phenomenon is called convergent evolution.

Urban culture fashion is rapidly evolving with constant releases of new varieties or re-mastered retros. Keeping pace with these developments has become a great challenge for the discerning shopper. Retail is also morphing into this mix, becoming an experience to behold in both online stores and brick & mortar stores, which not only serve as an avenue for retailers and customers to engage but also a convenient site for the cultivation of urban culture. The modern day customer expects an interactive, memorable and unparalleled experience and providing such drives customer satisfaction and fosters continuity in the relationships among customers, brands and retailers. Consequently, the evolution of retail, and urban culture fashion has led to a path of convergent evolution. Two dependent phenomena, morphing into the ultimate authority in retail, and urban culture fashion.

September 2015 sees the phenomenon taking on new meaning when urban culture fashion collide with an innovative retail experience. 

shangoo Begins

shangoo resides where customer-centric online retail and supply of eminent urban culture inspired brands converge. Leveraging leading technologies, it seeks to make the shopping experience memorable. shangoo also tries to help the customer, make informed purchases that appeal to individual preferences. Completing this service offering, shangoo aims to deliver on the promise of providing exclusive urban culture fashion guaranteed to make you stand out, make a statement and be noticed in whatever setting or scenario. 

Article by: @geek_emporium & @vgmaposa 

Post by Vincent Maposa

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Comment by Kuda Thursday, September 24 2015
"Awesome article looking forward to more engaging posts from shangoo and of course even more awesome kicks"

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