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The Allure of the Nike Air Jordan 4 LAB 1

The Allure of the Nike Air Jordan 4 LAB 1
“The allure of this glow in the dark mashup between the I and IV was irresistible!

This sneaker was released on the 31st of December 2014, and 9 months on it was still one of my “must get items” for 2015.  I had vowed to get a pair when they came out unfortunately I wasn’t able to get my hands on it. I tried trolling the internet for them but they were sold out in most of the stores I had previously copped some of other kicks from.

 The stores normally associated with the freshest kicks in S.A. didn’t have them. A few weeks ago I was at a spring party in downtown Joburg. As I walked in scanning  the room, I trained the kicks on an old friend,  from college. He was rocking a pair of the classic Grant Hill Fila ’96 in a popping red suede. They looked box fresh, that got me wondering, if I couldn’t get ahold of  9month old shoe how did  he score such a classic. After exchanging a few pleasantries, I couldnt help but stare at these shoes f,he noticed. Being the nice guy that he is, he opted to take me out of my misery and told me where he got them  –

 The next day, I could couldn’t get that name out my head so I went online to check out  shangoo. A quickweb search led me to , I was impressed by the the simplicity of the website and navigation ease. I dived right into the men’s footwear to check out what they had. On the first page to my surprise there it was - the ELUSIVE Jordan 4Lab1!.

 I couldn’t believe it, doubtful,  I figured  it might be one of those websites where I was going to get a run around and wait for ages to get my pair . The sceptic in me decided to give them a call. I was pleasantly surprised  when the person on the other endtold me they indeed had the shoe in stock and confirmed they had it in my size, and that just made my day.

They explained to me that they source they responsibly source authhentic products in the U.S.  and they had added the 4LAB 1 to their inventory just after it’s release there... Eagerly and not looking to add another month   to my wait,  I decided to buy them..  When checking out my order, O was glad to see that they also had  Mobicred, which allowed me to buy there and then and pay later. I set up a profile on shangoo, made a purchase and 3 days later a courier dropped off my package.

As a sneaker head has become my current default page as their products show me  that despite being a new store they also cater to discerning sneakerheads who want to standout.. I’m happy and have recommended a few of my friends and now I am recommending this store to you, to check out:

The Air Jordan 4LAB1 features design elements of the Air Jordan IV on the classic Air Jordan I silhouette. The infamous lightweight netting found on the Air Jordan IV is applied to the entire Air Jordan I upper, along with the iconic Air Jordan I Wings logo and Swoosh.

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