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Give Your Old Pair of Sneakers a New Lease of Life

Give Your Old Pair of Sneakers a New Lease of Life
If you are like me you would agree, that there is nothing that turns your swag up like a pair of crisp uncreased sneakers. This is what you get right after purchasing your sneakers. However after a few wears those dreaded creases become more visible and it dims down your new found swagger drastically. Speaking from experience, I had decommissioned a pair of Air Force One–82 (AF1-82) editions due to the dreaded reality of creasing. In addition to this I had reconciled with the possibility of scoring another pair. Sneaker owners will understand what I mean, there is something magical about the all-white monochromatic AF1-82.

After my unsuccessful attempts to procure the shoe in pristine condition I was led to consider restoring my old shoe to its former glory. That led to hours of research on all platforms from Google to Pinterest with the occasional visit to fashion blogs. Alas! The search was not in vain, I found the perfect solution subject to trial an error of course. I took a leap of faith and tried this on my old pair of AF1-82's and like magic my sneakers we resuscitated back to their full glory.

The procedure is in two parts, with the first part being the uncreasing of the sneaker and the second part being the restoration of the leather.

Uncreasing the Sneaker

 You will need the following;

  1. Creased sneaker

  2. A bottle of water

  3. A steam iron

  4. Cardboard inserts

  5. Paper

  6. Wash cloths

Instructions on the uncreasing process:

  1. Clean the sneakers to remove any debris that might be on the surface.

  2. Stuff the shoe with paper so as to retain its shape. Make sure use an amount of paper that would correspond to the size of your feet.

  3. Make sure that the laces are removed to protect them from being burnt.

  4. Add water into the iron and turn it on.

  5. Cover the sneakers with the wash cloths and dampen them. These will be used to protect the shoes from burning.

  6. Iron the cloth over the areas where there are creases on the shoe. Let the iron steam on the shoe to warm up the leather this will cause it to stretch.

  7. At this point you’re almost done. It’s time to let the sneakers cool down with the cloth still on them so that the change in temperature won’t be drastic.

Restoring the surface

Now after removing the creases and cleaning the shoe, the next step is to restore the colour of both the sole and the sneaker. Furthermore the process involves the covering up the scratches and marks on the shoe. For this process I used the leather repair kit from Homemark. I know no one trusts anything from TV marketing but my desire to restore my sneakers had me willing to try anything. The kit comes with;

  1. Application tool

  2. Compound colours that can be mixed together to match the required colour

  3. Mixing bottle

  4. Grain paper

  5. Packing back fabric

  6. Spatula

Tips on maintaining the whiteness and form

When you take off your sneakers, stuff them up with old socks to retain the form of the toe box and push out any creases that might started to develop. Use a non-bleach cleaning solution to remove any dirt or debris. Use some whitening toothpaste to scrub them gently. Wipe them dry, then wait a little to see where the toothpaste stuck and crusted on and wipe that off with a wet cloth.

NOTE: Bleach will turn your kicks yellow.

Article by: GE

Post by shangoo Admin


Comments 2

Comment by Vincent Maposa Thursday, April 28 2016
"On a real are you hosting a sneaker cleaning session at the store!! "
Comment by Kuda Makoni Monday, April 25 2016
"Job well done. May I bring you my pair too?"

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