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In Africa where the Shona language is spoken, the colloquial term “bhutsu”, a derivative of the English word "boot" is often used in lieu of its formal equivalent "shangu". Shangu is the original and formal term for footwear with an upper and a sole. The shangoo brand is drawn from that term.


In life, when we seek those with an ethos and vision that aligns with ours, friends are inarguably an ideal place to start. shangoo is the shared vision of three friends aligned by a passion for fashion and contemporary culture. An online shopping and knowledge portal for the savvy customer, a place to seek and find the exclusive in-thing.


shangoo needs not gaze into a crystal ball to see the next trend, it's the place a fashion centric lifestyle thrives from a brand that draws inspiration from its customers. The discerning customer makes shangoo a trend seer.